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The CNT Fundraising Office is pleased to announce the start of our Semi-annual Silent Auction.

We have received many wonderful items from fellow Correllians and Witch School members from all over. For this auction we have a wide assortment of items that will likely reach out to you. There are handcrafted items made by our members and friends for you to consider, as well as books, items for the altar, jewelry, a Shaman Rain Drum, along with many other items.

Follow this link to see photos and descriptions, as well as instructions as to how to submit bids.

This is an internet only auction through midnight Friday (Eastern Standard Time) October 6th.

All proceeds from this Fundraising Event will be to support our Correllian Nativist Tradition.

Thank You, the bidders who support this event so generously!

Bid High - Bid Often!!
It is for a great Cause – The Correllian Nativist Tradition

Blessed Be
Rev. Mike Neal
CNT Fundraising Office

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