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Correllian Tradition's Fall Awards 2017

Time to acknowledge our many skilled and compassionate Correllians.

This Award Cycle: Begins September 2, and ends September 20, 2017

Please send your award nominations for this CNT Awards’ cycle to the CNT Awards’ Nominee Submissions’ Group:

Please submit one nominee submission at a time:
1. Submit nominee’s full name
2. Select award type to be considered:
3. Submit reasons why your nominee deserves an award. 4. –Nominee’s email address.

Note: All award nominations will be considered if #1- #4 are fully completed.

Submissions will be taken until September 20th, 2017

For our talented Spanish speaking community please go here to submit your nominee:

Rev. Nuhmen Delos will collect nominations in both award groups.

Award nominations are considered by the CNT Awards Committee.

Note: Elders may not be up for nomination.

Thank You
And Blessings

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