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CNT Fundraising Office seeking items for Silent Auction

Greetings fellow Correllians, Witch School members and friends of the Correllian Tradition.
Once again, we are preparing for the semi-annual Silent Auction. We will be conducting two auctions: An Internet Only Silent Auction and then a second one with different items for those attending the Regional Lustration. This second in-person Silent Auction will primarily consist of the larger / heavier items we receive that can be taken home in lieu of what could be high cost mailing fee. The In-Person auction will be in conjunction with the Regional Lustration of the Living to be held October 7 – 8th. in Jacksonville, Florida, hosted by Compassion League Temple.
This silent auction is an important fundraising project for the Tradition to help with expenses related to the Correllian website, Lord Don’s Vlog expenses, as well as expenses incurred when he travels to various events throughout the year. The Tradition relies solely on this project and the CorrStore, your place to shop for core Tradition regalia, sigil patches, books, etc. for ongoing annual expenses.
As in the past, we come to you as a source for items to be listed on our webpage so individuals from all over the world can bid on and help raise funds to support the Correllian Nativist Tradition. Books, statuary, altar tools, jewellery, regalia and such, as well as homemade items / crafts are very popular. Those having an ongoing business will have their website included as part of the description. Check out some of the past auctions; most recent to oldest at:
The internet only Silent Auction will begin in mid-September through September 30th. The second group of items will be on display and available for bidding during the Regional Lustration the following weekend.
Those who wish to donate items for this upcoming event, please contact me at for the mailing address.
It is through the generosity of you all, both donors and bidders who year after year make this special event a resounding success!!
Many Blessings, Rev. Mike Neal - CNT Fundraising Office

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