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Crunch crunch white dry snow
falling lightly to and fro
covered streets of ghostly white
sparkling specks under the lights
twinkle twinkle in the wind
welcome travellers to come in
Yuletide trees and deck the halls
while lonely people stare at the walls
children sit on santas knee
wanting peace for you and me
leave him milk, leave him treats
even warmers for his feet
give him oats to feed reindeer
spread the love, spread the cheer
Welcome back light into day
pushing darkness far away
Suns come back and gaining power
soon to kiss that rising flower
Yuletides come and now I pray
for peace and love to come your way
bitter winters come to pass
just remember it wont last!
Have a very merry Yuletide friends, I love you all!
Copyright 2016 By Davey Dunbarserif;">

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