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A place to feel at home

I am a Lifetime Charter member of WSI. Even though I don't participate much (though I would like to), I consider myself a member here and feel at home here. Why is that? Because I can stop into WSI literally whenever and not feel weird about it. I can post or not, I can watch Rev Don's vlogs and often do. I wish I could participate in the many healing rituals (they're in my calendar, just at times that are tough for me to attend), but I know they're there and I hope at some point to stop in and… Continue

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Correllian Outer Court

I received my acceptance into the Correllian Outer Court today! I am so happy and excited to be taking this step on my spiritual path. And on my son's birthday, no less. Blessed Be!…


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March Post

Hello all,

This is my Mach post. I've completed 3 courses and am in the process of working on another 2 in addition to my 2nd Degree studies. I have decided to focus on Tarot for my final project. I will continue to let you know how it goes. Blessed Be

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Northwestern Indiana. Anyone? Send along.

I have searched so many sites trying to find people in NWIN (North West Indiana). It's crazy that I can find no one? Even if you don't know anyone, will you please send out some positive energy in my effort to locate like-minded individuals in my community?
Thank you ~ Rain

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Been too long

It's been a long time, too long since I've been here. I've peeked in occasionally and been on the main witchcraft study site and read some. But nothing major life hasn't been easy especially past 3 years, which has been horrid the last year 2016 especially terrible.

I crave for some normality whatever that is we all have our own normal.

Not that anything is anywhere close to normal now, I'm in a completely different location, I've lost so much through hard struggles. Battles so many… Continue

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Living the Wiccan Rede - After the Inauguration

I just posted this in a discussion, but I want to share it here for myself (so I don't lose it, as I just gave myself a warning and an answer) and because I feel it is important. A time of major change is upon America, and I (and many others) feel that many people are at risk and in increased danger now. The discussion I just added to was about the Wiccan Rede and how to interpret it, or if it is open to interpretation at all. Here was my response:

It is subject to interpretation.…


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Stepping up

I've applied for the Outer Court, and am making slow progress on the

First Degree. Slow progress due to my packed schedule :) I've set my goals to participate in more online rituals here, and to complete more classes here - my intention is to be more involved in WSI and become part of community here as well. I've always been Solitary and a social recluse (just my nature as an INFJ/P). But I've been a Lifetime Charter member for a little while, but haven't done much with it. I plan to… Continue

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Bath bomb ritual

Another bath bomb ritual

this bath bomb is different and more colorful. With lavender bath salts that soothe the muscles and mind as well as cool water bath salts that's good for meditation bath confetti for cleaning and such rosey face mask of course this is another idea for a bath bomb ritual. I meditated three times during… Continue

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Thoughts are just as powerful

I have learned that my thoughts can be very strong when they are negative. I've pointed a lot of hatred on someone and that someone seems to be having a hard time these days. I've also decided to note to myself that my jinxing might be a trigger for my thoughts or something. I've jinxed a lot of stuff and the next day they broke. I am not sure if my minds playing tricks on me or not but I'm sure that if you put so much emotion in a thought and you direct it to someone they might be effected.… Continue

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After Antibiotics, What?

You most likely have read the story of the 70 year old woman in Arizona who died last week from an infection that was resistant to all 26 antibiotics approved for use in the United States. Unfortunately this is a growing…


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Practicing Munay For All My Relations

Munay is an interesting word in Quechua. As a verb it means to love, to want, and to desire. As a noun it means eternal, unconditional, or unreasoned love (1). The three ancient Inca laws are often stated as tukuy munayniyoc, tukuy llank'ayniyoc, and tukuy yachayniyoc (2). Notice that the first law includes the root…


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Veganism and WS Studies

I wasn't sure what group to join to post this in, so I'm putting it in as a general blog post. The post is about dropping two courses for ethical/safety reasons. If I had completed the courses, I would have put these comments in as suggestions for improvement.

I'm really impressed with the overall courses at WS, and the following is specific to one or two courses.

1. I am trying to be more Vegan, after discovering the horrible conditions of farm animals. This is why I started…


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Reconnecting With an Old Friend

According to my mother when I was very young, just getting out of my baby babble stage, I had an imaginary friend. She admitted that he scared he a fair bit but a family member reassured her that our family and I were safe. My mother told me that I described him as a very elderly man with a silly hat and cane. I would talk to him constantly she said, she would often find me sitting alone in my room listening intently to stories he had to tell. When we destroyed and rebuilt the house (when I…


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Logo nas livrarias do Brasil meu novo livro sobre Bruxaria: O Sorriso Gosoto, SE AFOGUEM NELE EM!

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Finally, i'm hir!

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Chancellor's New Year Address, Year 17 Aq.

Well, here we are again –time for a brand new Calendrical Year! And as every year it’s also time for my New Year Address, looking back at the old year and forward to the new.

This has been an epochal year for the Correllian Tradition. In April of this year we seated a new First Priestess Coregent, Arch Priestess Stephanie…


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After a Lengthened Absense, I have Returned!

Hello! This is to announce my triumphant return to Witchschool, now as a Lifetime Member! I participated in the Yule Deal (that is what I call it at least it is a total steal by the way, one of the best $50 I have ever spent) and am learning a lot about Wicca from Witchschool AND enjoying it along the way. I have been interested in Wicca for many years but slowly am allowing myself to forget my highly religious upbringing and live a little as well as try to find my true path. I wish all a…


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Combustible Incense Recipe: Myrrh with Sandalwood.

Combustible Incense Recipe: Myrrh with Sandalwood.

I had to go back to the drawing board for this one more than once. I have had the myrrh resin for more years than I can remember, mostly because charcoal takes fussing that I generally don't want to deal with. On the few occasions I did put a bit on a hot coal, I was sparing due to it's potency.

Since I do like the dark, rich, and sensual leather and wood aroma this classic resin makes, I decided to use the very neutral base of…


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A very merry Yuletide!

Crunch crunch white dry snow

falling lightly to and fro

covered streets of ghostly white

sparkling specks under the lights

twinkle twinkle in the wind

welcome travellers to come in

Yuletide trees and deck the halls

while lonely people stare at the walls

children sit on santas knee

wanting peace for you and me

leave him milk, leave him treats

even warmers for his feet

give him oats to feed reindeer

spread the love, spread the… Continue

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My first Christmas 1969

Id like to share with you this wonderful story about our first Christmas after we were adopted in 1969. My parents Tom and Jean Dunbar started that first Christmas by taking Randy and I to downtown Toronto to look at the Christmas scenes in all the big stores window fronts on Young Street. Sears, Eatons, Simpsons, The Bay, Woolworths and many more used animated figures to create these wonderful displays.

Mom had packed hot chocolate…


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