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Problems Meditating

So... I have been taking the Basic Meditation course and I have been finding myself having more problems meditating than I ever have before. I am no newcomer to the world of meditation, but for some reason it has become harder to focus and not fall asleep since I started the course. I know that I am using the wrong kind of Crystal to focus, but I wouldn't think that it would matter that much. Also, I have been meditating at my alter which you would think would make it easier to stay awake,…


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Extended Maintenance

Extended Maintenance

In less then one week, September 20th 2014, will go down for extended maintenance.

The Website ( and Classes will not be available until this is complete.

We will try to complete the overhaul of the system as quickly as possible.

This will not effect any other website.

Thank you,

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Nature as Art and Art in Nature

My wife, Heidi, and I decided to take a walk in the forest this morning. Not a fitness walk, just a nice slow walk to enjoy being in nature on an early fall morning. I feel most pagan in the fall and this is by far my favorite time of year. The spirits seem closer to me at this time, don't know why, they just do.

Along the path we discovered that someone had been there before us and had constructed many small altars; at least that's what we thought that they were. We didn't have a…


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The Faeries' Oracle

Sept 8, YEAR 14 Aquarius

(General Ramblings)

Well it is now a little after 4 am and of course being a night owl I am still up, surfing the web, taking classes and tests at WitchSchool. As a member since 2002-2003 (?) I can say I have taken many classes. Many times over the years I have seen the Divination with the Faery Oracle course, but I have never taken it. Not because the Faeries' Oracle doesn't interest me, but because it does. In general my studies and practices have a…


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This week's energy

Hello all! Lets get right into it you know the drill!

Today's Crystal of the week is: Journey: Sodalite

It is time to begin your journey.It is time to confront where your choices have led you and where you've been.There is a new and exciting phase coming in to your life.… Continue

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Hey all, does anyone know how to get more info out of a pendulum? I use the tarot (a lot) and other divinatory tools but I find that the pendulum is the most transportable. It can fit in a small wooden box lined with silk and I can stick that in my purse and no one will be the wiser. I really wish I could get more than yes, no, maybe. Any book recommendations? Or ways in which to format questions? I wish they made a cliff-notes for these things! Thanks for reading, peace, love, light be with…


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ISIS is not a Terrorist Group in the Near East - ISIS is a Goddess of Motherhood and Peace

Every day I read about Isis in the headlines. Isis killed this one. Isis attacked that one. Isis threatens the future. As a Pagan and a devotee of the Goddess Isis, I find this very upsetting. Except of course it isn’t “Isis” the Pagan Goddess that they are talking about, but “ISIS” the terrorist group in the Near East.

If it were that simple of course, I would be upset with the terrorists for using a name that accidentally coincides with a deity I worship, but I would just have to…


Added by M. Rev. Donald Lewis-Highcorrell on September 4, 2014 at 7:29pm — 2 Comments

The Many Thoughts of a Newbie to the Wiccan Faith

When it comes to Gods and Goddesses which ones are the proper ones to call the matron and patron Deities? Are you supposed to go with the deities that you feel the most drawn to or are you supposed to go with the ones that came first in the line? Would it be Loki because I feel a serious connection to him, or would it be Odin because he is the father of the Norse line? Can you only have one patron God and one matron Goddess or can you pick one from each "mythology"? If I wanted to worship a…


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Tarot and Crystal of the Week

I know its a little bit late to be posting since I usually post Sunday- Monday. Hectic schedule and have been practicing with my pendulum. But better late than never and this reading was scary accurate for me!!Hopefully you guys will resonate with it as well :)

Cuprite/ Female Power:…


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Self Healing with Reiki

The most important benefit of Reiki is the ability to help with self healing. Sure it is wonderful to help family and friends in a positive way but any Reiki healing practice should begin with self.

Our natural self is always in a perpetual state of healing and recovery. When we add an intention of healing with Reiki, we aid and confirm this normal process.

Self healing is a simple procedure and does not require a lot of time. A positive focus and intention of healing will…


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Quick Q

Hey guys, I gta get the book ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES anyone know where to get it? Thanks.

Added by Sarah Roldan on August 29, 2014 at 9:18am — No Comments

Front Royal

It is not often that I find town council meetings interesting, especially watching over three hours of them online but then along came Front Royal. Being a Virginia resident my-self the debate that has transpired over the last few weeks there, really made me pay attention and at the same time deeply concerned and encouraged me.

The debate started when Maya Sparks a local tarot card reader who was doing readings out of the back of a local store on Main Street was shut down. Customers…


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Sunday Reading


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Tarot and Crystal of the week <3

Quick, easy, concise astro book. Great for just flipping to a page and referrencing. My recommended read for this month.

This weeks card shows that the predominant energy will be on movement forward, seeking shelter. A search for better pastures on the other side. A transition needs to be made. It can…


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2014 Lustration of the Living Silent Auction

Greetings fellow Correllians, and Witch School Members,

It is that time again, as you are likely familiar, when we reach out for your support in donating items to be offered in our Silent Auction that coincides with the Lustration of the Living.

This semi-annual event has been able to raise much needed funds because of your participation.

Our supporters of this event love to get items that have been made by and / or donated by our family members and friends of the…


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Question for chakra balancing. Help greatly appreciated!

Hello all, welcome back to my blog, lately I have been doing meditations to rebalance my chakras. I do this a few times a day with different techniques. I have seen a great improvement but I do have a slight issue. I am able to do 45 minute meditations but when I attempt a 30 minute chakra balancing meditation someonewhere after the heart chakra I fall asleep! I'm never sure for how long or if it actually is sleep but why does this keep happening! I even try and be wide awake before I start so… Continue

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Day by Day

It has been two years since my mentor has crossed the great divide. Day by day I am piecing my life back together. When she left I felt like a hole was left in my soul. The only thing that has kept me going is the fact that I promised her that I would continue to study and become a high priestess one day.

I have been studying hard here to get through the degree programs to fulfill that promise.

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Crystal ally and Tarot card of the week <3

The tarot card energy for the week is the 5 of wands reversed. This indicates that you will likely be trying to avoid conflict whenever possible. This is an excellent idea and it is a perfect time to focus on your goals.…


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More ink

Well I got some more ink done. I got the Ankh this time. It hurt more than the first one because it is near my ankle. This one is blue with light blue and white shadowing. It looks amazing and she done such a wonderful job.

I plan on using her for more ink.

Here is a picture of my ink. …


Added by Lady Sherry Cooper on August 17, 2014 at 1:08am — No Comments

The Rede

I was wondering what are peoples views on the Wiccan Rede. do some only follow the harm none and do what you will part and ignore all other verses or do they simply stick to the short version. Do dome enjoy the longer version to help them remember things or do they think it is just a nice poem and leave it at that?

Added by Sacha Pepper (Amatha) on August 14, 2014 at 6:50am — No Comments

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