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Brussel Sprouts..

When I was 7 years old my cousin Pauline babysat us and brussel sprouts were served with dinner. I hated them worse than liver. Anyways, i was secretly feeding mine to my trusty sidekick the dog under the table. I asked to be excused from the table and pauline said "not yet David, you still have your brussel sprouts to eat". To my horror I discovered my dog didnt like them either and shed been spitting them out on the floor as I fed them to her!" Pauline picked up those dog gob covered…


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The Start of Fall here in Central Florida 10/14/2016

Well it finely feels like Fall here in Central Florida Now!

After going though the Hurricane Mathew and surviving all last year after my mother passed away.

I am finely able it seems to take a deep breath that I survived a lot in a short time.

The cooler weather never lasts long here in Florida but I'm going to take advantage of it I can tell you, by going outside tomorrow morning and doing some weeding and raking. and see what's left of my garden.

Hope everyone…


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The Law of Three: When are we guilty?

I've just begun my "scholastic" path in the Correllian Tradition. I've been familiar with the concept of "Karma" for most of my life, as most people; however, I've recently had an experience that makes me question whether my actions were a result of someone else's karma or whether my actions were the beginning of my own that will eventually manifest itself in the "laws of three" in order to teach me a lesson.

I'll be as brief as possible: I recently ended my relationship with my best…


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Prayer to the Deities of Death

The harvest has ended, and the fields are bare. 

The earth has grown cold, and the land is empty.

The gods of the death are lingering over us,…


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One fall morning... A Poem by Willow

One fall morning..

The raven sat on the telephone line

as crow was cawing between space and time

Doves were stretching their throats in song

all here bringing in the dawn

Sun was rising chasing night away

as I welcomed another day

grass was wet with morning dew

leaves all falling as wind blew

crispy air kissed my face

right then and there I knew my place

under sky so mighty blue

I said to Spirit that I love you

River flowed…


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One of my favorite Seasons is Fall. I love the changing colors of nature. Fall is the time when I feel much closer to the Lord and Lady. My creativity level spikes and I can focus my energies where they need to be. If you don't have a hobby or two and would like to try one now is the time to pick one up

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Merry Pagan Pride and Upcoming Auction

Best of the Season to you, and may you be blessed in the world today.

With Pagan Pride Season occurring in the United States and around the world, we are hoping that you will be able to find an event near you. If you do, we would love you to share with us your pictures and your reviews of the events at The Daily Spell. …


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Stop dreaming of living and start living dreams

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Celebrating Our Anniversary!

I am proud to say that on September 4th, 2016, we celebrated the Fifteenth Anniversary of Witch School. We hope that you will join us in celebrating it. During its history the Witch School site has gone through several hands, originally Witch School Inc., then Witch School International, and Correllian Educational Ministries. But through it all Witch School has continued in its mission of “Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere…


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Learning To Fall


"Some of us think holding on makes us strong;

but sometimes it is letting go."

~Herman Hesse…


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The Beauty of Mystery


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A few tips for life...

♥ Don’t take life so seriously! Learn to laugh at the little things and this whole “existence” thing will be a whole lot easier. Be amused by your mistakes and failures and be thankful that you learned your lesson and won’t mess up like that again.Make sure you spend…


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No Separation


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Tarot of the Day: Five of Cups

Your day is filled with work and helping other people. In this daily chaos, you tend to lose yourself.…


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Tarot of the Day: The Moon

As the Moon slowly rises, the shadows try to keep hold of the dark land they claimed. Mysteries are around every corner. What was seen as normal and not threatening have been transformed into something darker, more sinister. …


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Back in the Swing of Things

Hello all, I've been away from witch school for a long time. My life has been crazy for a long time, dealing with a lot of medical issues. And also I am very easily distracted by other interests. But I am trying to get my life back together so that I can continue learning and growing at witch school.

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Try a Little Shinrin-yoku This Weekend

Shinrin-yoku means "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing." The practice was developed in Japan during the 1980s and it has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. The idea is really simple. Going for a relaxing walk in a natural area provides calming, rejuvenating and restorative benefits.

You probably already knew this. My wife and I go for a forest walk almost every evening, all year long because it always feels so incredibly…


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Interpretations of the Tarot: Hanson-Roberts Deck - Eight of Rods (Wands)

You see these rods fly out of nowhere in front of you.  As far as vegetation, I see snow on one side of the flat land and green grass on the other.  There are mountains in the distance, and the skies are bright with clouds surfacing all over.  As you can see, there are no human figures representing this…


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Interpretations of the Tarot: Hanson-Roberts Deck - Page of Swords

A young man holds his sword with both hands like he is preparing to swing at the next threatening thing, next challenge, or maybe at the next person. Or, it could represent him being ready to take on the next challenge, situation, event, or issue at hand. The look on his face, however, shows uncertainty.…


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Interpretations of the Tarot: Hanson-Roberts Deck = XX - Judgment

An "angel" blares its trumpet out from the sky, and a couple and child see the angel and hear the blaring of its trumpet as they wave to the angel.  Colors shown here are pink, red, white, light blue, purple, and some light green and gray.  There's mountains shown at a distance…


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