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Pagan.World is for our community to speak as they will, what they will, when they will, where they will.

Pagans Tonight

We're on every night - here's the schedule:

8:00 pm Central
(01:00 GMT Tuesday)
"Crystal Mondays"
      with Maryann Kay & Ed Hubbard
9:00 pm Central
(02:00 GMT Tuesday)
"Path Less Traveled"
      with Mark Mandrake & Blue FireWitch
8:00 pm Central
(01:00 GMT Wednesday)
"Circle Craft Study"
      with Selena Fox
9:00 pm Central
(02:00 GMT Wedesday)
"Pagan Priest Show"
      Panel Show with Multiple Hosts
8:00 pm Central
(01:00 GMT Thursday)
"Wild Wednesday"
      with Traci Logan-Wood & Ed Hubbard
9:00 pm Central
(02:00 GMT Thursday)
"Over to Oberon & Ariel"
      with Oberon Zell & Ariel
8:00 pm Central
(01:00 GMT Friday)
"Correllian Power Hour 1"
      with Rev. Terry Power
9:00 pm Central
(02:00 GMT Friday)
"Correllian Power Hour 2"
      with Rev. Don Lewis
8:00 pm Central
(01:00 GMT Saturday)
"Pagan Priestess Show"
      Panel Show with Multiple Hosts
9:00 pm Central
(02:00 GMT Saturday)
"Tree of Life"
      with Symara & Raindove
6:00 pm Central
(23:00 GMT Saturday)
"Pagans Tonight en Espanol"
      con Rev. Sevginyn LaMadduk y Rev. Yoko Galkan
7:00 pm Central
(24:00 GMT Saturday)
"Pagan Warrior Radio"
      with Pam Kelly & Friends
9:00 pm Central
(02:00 GMT Monday)
"Pagan Variety Show"
      with Liz Hamilton
10:00 pm Central
(03:00 GMT Monday)
"The Pagan Science Hour"
      with Ed Hubbard, Alan Salmi, & Brendan Tripp

Listen while on-site:

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