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Rev. Equinox SilverMoon's Groups (34)

  • Meet the Mentors

    148 members Latest Activity: Aug 27 Come on in and meet the mentors of WSI who mentors the degree program.
    Find your mentor here for 1st Degree, 2nd Degree and 3rd Degree

  • Distance Healing

    14 members Latest Activity: Oct 1

    Centre for distance energy healing.

    If you are a healer you are welcome to join us, we provide distance energy healing by all recognised…

  • Temple of the 8 Festivals

    65 members Latest Activity: Oct 14 The Temple of the 8 Festivals was Chartered in September 2006 and is headed by the Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe HP CCE.

    The Temple of the 8 Festivals…

  • Temple of Eternal Memorials

    71 members Latest Activity: Oct 8 Welcome to the Temple of Eternal Memorials and War Memorial group!

    The Temple was established in 2006 by The Rt. Rev. Anna Rowe HP CCE to…

  • Great Britain Witchcraft Network

    8 members Latest Activity: Jan 31

    A group connecting all Pagans, Wiccan's and Witches of the United Kingdom.

    Share stories, recipies, experiences and wisdom with others…

  • International Mentor Training Application Group

    16 members Latest Activity: May 30, 2016 This group is for all members wishing to train as Mentors for Witchschool. You do need to have passed the 1st Degree with a minimum of 80% pass.…

  • Meet Your Order of Reiki Teachers

    15 members Latest Activity: Aug 28

    Teachers of Reiki working within the Correllian Order of Reiki

  • CW-Europe

    18 members Latest Activity: Sep 18 This group is specifically for the members of the Correllian Tradtion that live in Europe to share information concerning Wicca and the Tradition…

  • WS2

    43 members Latest Activity: Aug 28 Group for all Second Degrees

  • Correllian Social Club

    61 members Latest Activity: Oct 8 This group has been founded in response to requests by members of the Daily Spell Correllian Wicca First Degree course and the DailySpellStudyGroup…

  • Gaia Club

    78 members Latest Activity: Sep 27 This club is for the betterment of all creation. To take care of not just ourselves but everything around us. Mother Earth has given so much of…

  • Reiki Social Group

    164 members Latest Activity: Oct 1 This group is for anyone interested in reiki. Experienced practitioners and those new to reiki or just curious.

    Join us for networking,…

  • Reiki Healing Centre (Formal Shrine)

    87 members Latest Activity: Oct 8

    This group is for anyone interested in joining our bi-monthly Online Reiki Healing Sending.

    Everyone is welcome to join in with or without…

  • School of Reiki

    67 members Latest Activity: Oct 1

    This group is for students of the School of Reiki.

    Sign up today at Reiki School and become a reiki practitioner or healer.

    All Reiki…

  • Correllian World

    36 members Latest Activity: Oct 8 This is an international group to facilitate the membership of the Correllian Traditon from across the world and in all countries that have a…

  • Temple of Sedna Online Rituals

    242 members Latest Activity: Oct 12

    A group to help promote and discuss the online rituals sponsored and hosted by the Temple of Sedna UK

    The Temple of Sedna has…

  • Finding a Mentor Support Group

    133 members Latest Activity: Aug 5 For anyone looking for a Mentor for either the Clergy Programs or the General Courses.

  • Newbies Group

    153 members Latest Activity: Aug 1 For all of us that are just starting out and have a lot of questions to discuss. Please Mentors join too so that we have proper guidance!

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