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Currently I'm using a three-ringed binder for my BOS with normal lined paper, but the paper is ripping on the side around the holes. I don't like the bound books because you can't section things off with categories. Does anyone have a suggestion about what my options are? Is there a place where I can buy a bound book with tabs (preferably something below 30 dollars)? Thanks for your help!


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You could make a simple snap-bound or post bound book :D materials should not run you more than $30, if you are good at bargain hunting. Sales are everywhere in craft stores, and you could always build your materials over a few weeks/months until you have everything. I use a snap-bound scrapbook with the page protectors, and it works amazingly! Other than that, you could buy a thick journal and section off a certain amount of pages per section, and tab them with the sticky tabs from any office section or supply store :D Hope that helps!

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You can buy little binder hole covers at walmart, they are at the pencil area. You can't miss them.

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