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Merry meet Banshee Rose. I have several charts and guides on herbs, colors, gems, etc. I would be glad to send them to you. Just let me check all my files and I will be sending them your way.

Blessed Be,

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Oh I would really appreciate a copy of those too if at all possible. Thank you :)
Happy to help, I am attaching them to a post, I hope. Have fun!
Merry meet all. I am attaching three charts to this post, one one planet associations, one on flower associations, and I already forgot what the third one is! lol Oh, well, the point is, anyone may copy these. I got the information from several books that I own and various authors. If you want more, let me know, I will do what I can.

Blessed Be,
Thank you Firehawk!
Rev Toni

Thank you Firehawk. I will add these to my Book of Shadows.
Blessed Be,


Thank you! I've been looking for an in depth list that I don't need to tweak for my BOS. This is perfect. I actually have a lot of info for the days of the week, but the crystals and flowers are a major help for me.

Oh, very nice. Thank you very much for posting them. They will be very helpful. :)
we appreciate your posting them, thank you.
MM Firehawk,
My BOS got ruin and I could use your charts to if you wouldn't mind sending them my way also please. Thank you in advance.
Rev Toni
Merry Meet all,

Here are 3 more, I will keep adding as long as anyone wants them.
Hope you enjoy!


Thank you again. I find these files very useful.

Blessed Be

The files you have posted here are wonderful! I am especially pleased with the Flower and Scent Associations. Would it be possible for you to post a Color Associations chart? That would be wonderful, if you have one!!


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