Pagan.World has begun transforming the site, stay tuned for developments.

Pagan.World is for our community to speak as they will, what they will, when they will, where they will.

As we do from time to time, we are are looking for your input at what to do in 2014? Anything you would like or see as important.

Keep Growing

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We will be adding a feature that will let students earn time by assisting the WS community. Volunteering Time, adding new information, ect.

Contributing will allow you to ear time that you can use view subscription classes for free.

And for lifetime members you can earn time that you can donate to someone else.

Still working out all of the guidelines on this.

I would love to take a class that covers how to talk to Christian friends and family about Witchcraft. I'm having this discussion with my father (75 & yea party southern Baptist). I don't care to convince him I'm right or bring him over to the Craft. But I want to sound intelligent when I answer his questions.

I would like to see the site continue to expand.


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